Chlorhexidine Manufacturer : CAS 55-56-1

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Chlorhexidine Manufacturing Base

Chlorhexidine Base, API and Intermediate Manufacturer

CAS No. 55-56-1
Chemical Name: Chlorhexidine
Synonyms fimeil;hexadol;soretol;nolvasan;sterilon;rotersept;
CBNumber: CB4732251
Molecular Formula: C22H30Cl2N10
Formula Weight: 505.45
MOL File: 55-56-1.mol

Applications of Chlorhexidine Base

Chlorhexidine base for antiseptics and disinfectants

Its high effectiveness and outstanding overall compatibility makes it suitable for use in both human and animal antiseptics. The most soluble CHD salt is CHD digluconate, and this property makes it an excellent choice for pharmaceutical formulation.

In short, CHD formulations are used for:

  • surgical scrubs
  • treatment of wounds
  • disinfectant for surfaces and textiles

Ourproduct, is the gold standard for antiseptics and disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry.